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Friday, November 30, 2012

I am ?

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I'm lonely and it hurts me. Lonely and hurts. Great, a good matching.
I'm miss someone.but i don't know who?
I feel tired.but i don't know why?
I feel sick.but i don't know how?
Dah bosan dengan perkataan Lumrah manusia.

I feel like i wanna scream. but i don't know when? where? and how? Naaa hidup penuh dengan tanda tanya.
Terperangkap. Satu perkataan.
Always scared with something that i don't know what. Hidup selalu di bayangi yang lain lain. Takutkan yang lain-lain. 
I miss my old self and my old moments. That's was just a nostalgic yang sudah di tinggal tinggal kan.
I miss when i don't have to think a problem that i shouldn't think. It hurts me a lot.
I know that i should to be a grateful. Yes i am. But everything is getting bored. 
Hidup manusia kadang kadang tak pernah puas.
I want a happily life. Bak kata orang 'Happily ever after'. *sigh
Sometimes i will sit alone and think about myself. Sit like nothing happen and pretend nothing happens around me. Like a deaf. Like a blind. 
Life just like a puppet. Just do what the owner ask to.
A life that i shouldn't think a ridiculous problem. 

Am i crazy? Naaaa of course i'm not. Masih ada maruah dan kehidupan yang perlu di jaga dan di belai.

Eat, get a bath, watching a tv, changes a clothes, and sleep like moron.  
A daily routine.

Sometimes rasa macam nak kerja. or have my own business, sit alone in my own house and my own car. Oh yah a book store. I love reading. Emm maybe i would like to be a novelis. A secret novelis like a Hlovate yang humble yang sesiapa pon baca novel dia mesti akan ter-addicted macam aku.HAHA.  Like what he/she said "Fed up hidup dengan expectations manusia." Sampai sekarang aku tak tahu whether Hlovate tuh He or She.

Emmm want my own choices on my life. Taknak terdesak desak. Sorry to make a people around me disappointed. Like hlovate said "Fed up hidup dengan expectations manusia." 

I was just lost in my own life. I lost my identities.
Bercakap macam takde iman. 

Aku nih minah keepochi ke kalau suka ambil berat dan ambil tahu pasal orang lain? Naaa aku pun tak tahu nak jawab. Tried to be a best person in my life. But, i failed.
Aku banyak mengeluh? 
Ntah. I just who i am. 

P/s: Confuse.

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  1. good luck for everything..

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